KASZ+ 2024 - XXI Kecskemét Steel Sculpture and Fine Arts Symposium, international art camp


Our traditional art camp 2024 opened its doors on 10 June 2024 at the KÉSZ Industrial and Innovation Park in Kecskemét. Nine unique artists will unleash their imagination and dream up new ways to use different metal materials, creating fresh forms and artworks. Artists from Slovenia and Germany have also come to the camp to work in the various buildings and workshops of the Kecskemét site. Katja Pál from Slovenia, Albrecht Fersch and Lilla von Puttkamer from Germany came to the site, while Gyula Majoros, Tibor Kovács, Zsolt Vinczellér, Zsófia Majoros, Ágnes Hardi and Dániel Nagy came from Hungary. On Friday, 28 June, from 16:00, we will present the finished works at the usual place in the underground car park of the IQ office building in Kecskemét, where everyone is welcome!