K-ARTS KÉSZ Art Collection was invited to the ARTplacc 2015 contemporary art and design festival (July 22-26, 2015).

In Tihany, at the marketplace or “Art Platz” set up at Lake Balaton an exhibition was organized from the works of art created during earlier steel sculptural workshops. A statue by Sándor Kecskeméti, Ottó Vincze, György Buczkó, György Szabó, Balázs Pintér, Tsai Kun-Lin, Gyula Baditz, Tamás Kopasz, Gyula Majoros, Elisabeth Varga each could be seen at the open-air exhibition. The festival was very rich in content: different art galleries introduced themselves and set up exhibitions, there were performances by art groups, concerts, arts and crafts workshops and even a contemporary art auction was organized to enhance the atmosphere at Lake Balaton.

According to the plans, during the rest of the summer these steel statues will serve as a background for the crafts and producers market creating a tourist attraction.;