Sculpture and Design Factory


Our creative industrial projects executed in cooperation with sculptors, fine artists, craftsmen and interior designers. We have made many special and unique artistic ideas and plans, so besides creating various metal sculptures, we also excel in applied design. Our typical assignments are for example, small sculptures, awards, designs, street furniture, furniture, commemorative plaques or locksmiths elements.

Thanks to the outstanding equipment of the KÉSZ Industry and Innovation Park and the expertise of our colleagues, we can be to shape even the most unusual ideas.

After the plan or the idea is born, we can take part in the concrete design: including component parts designs, CAD drawing, architectural or static design, graphic or 3D and visual designs.

  • Art pieces and visual elements according tot he artistic concept by CAD design
  • Creation of customized art works, design forms, statues for institutions, businesses, collectors
  • Production of unique architectural, -interior design, -space and -garden design elements
  • Fabrication of 3D printed prototypes and models
  • Public art projects
  • Editing and publishing art publications
  • Art Rental: renting sculptures or paintings under favorable conditions
  • Sale of contemporary artworks
  • Organizing exhibitions, presenting contemporary fine art, organizing lectures and performances on art and art history
  • Image planning, design, brand building