KASZ+ 2015


The 12th Steel Sculptural Symposium, metal sculptural and fine arts creative workshop was organized again between June 22 and July 10 2015 in KÉSZ Industrial Park in Kecskemét.

Our twelfth creative workshop was organized at KÉSZ Group's steel structure manufacturing facility, with the participation of fourteen artists. In the context of openness and inclusion, besides sculptors we also invited painters and graphic artists. Our aim is to ensure a passage between different approaches, styles and material uses.

Besides steel materials, the artists also had the opportunity to try and work with different light metal, composite, galvanized plates and wood materials; we also made an industrial hall available for the artists to enable them to create large paintings and pictures.

The following artists participated in KASZ+ 2015: Gyula Majoros, István Orosz; Balázs Duronelly, József Tamás Balázs, Gábor Ulrich, Dóra Vanda Demcsák, Roland Kazi, Tamás Gilly, Pál Gerber, Éva Varga, Éva Mayer, Levente Herman, Péter Mátyási and Áron Zsolt Majoros.

Due to KÉSZ Group's art sponsoring program, the creative workshop with an industrial background started in 2004 continued, contributing to Hungarian contemporary arts with spectacular works of art and formal experiments.