Statue factory

Due to our industrial background we can undertake to manufacture unique forms, sculptures, functional artwork, furniture, space compositions from different metal materials, under factory conditions.

  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing of works of art, first of all metal statues, suiting an artistic concept
  • Creating individual works of art, designs and public statues for institutes, enterprises, collectors
  • Manufacturing unique architecture, interior design, space and garden architecture elements
  • Forming light metal and composite worktops, ornamental and photographic plates
  • Sale of steel materials cut to size

One of the reasons why iron and steel are so popular is that their limits can be stretched out much more
than those of stone, wood or bronze sculpting. The artistic techniques for working materials
offer innumerable possibilities for the artist; plasma cutting,
milling, welding, bending, rolling, hammering or blasting all have different results. The
material of the statue created in this way enables more diverse experimenting with shapes, while at the same time the statue created
is just as unique as those made of stone or wood.

We collaborate with sculptors, artists, industrial artists, interior designers in different projects. We can realize most ideas. We prepare plans (e.g.: component designs, CAD drawings), manufacture the elements of the given artwork, or even produce the whole work of art, and ensure its installation on the site.

We have prepared plans and offers for numerous artistic ideas; besides creating public steel statues, as a creative service provider we are also active in the field of applied design.

Consulting, planning, manufacturing, installation.