K-ARTS and Möbelkunst presents: WIRED


K-ARTS KÉSZ Art Collection was also a part of the Design Week event series; our statues were exhibited in the MÖBELKUNST vintage furniture store.

It is every day practice that people hang their favorite paintings or prints on the wall to make their homes more lively with a piece of artwork that suits in the environment. But what happens, when instead of a two-dimensional work something with a width, depth and height is added to the interior design?

The exciting project with the special statues and installations created during the Steel Sculptural Symposium in its focus offered alternative answers to this question. The selected works of art each formed organic parts of a miniature interior design, and the works of art interacted with the space and the furniture. The works had a double function to fulfill: on the one hand they had to maintain their primary role, that of a work of art, while on the other hand they had to become parts of a much more complex reality, that of the home.

Time: September 25 – October 5 2015

Place: MÖBELKUNST, 1097 Budapest, Földváry utca 4.